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Why Me?

B2B technology copy and content

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Besides Finding Hidden Core Messages, I Use Just the Right Words to Trigger Just the Right Emotion in Your Prospects…

Studying and writing poetry in college ages ago, I learned how WORDS MATTER. Choose the right ones and you can pack a punch with just one or two. I also learned the value of using words the average reader understands – everyday conversational English.

That’s why now before I write a word of copy/content, I  research your average prospect. I discover details about their lifestyle, standard-of-living, level of education, values,  hopes and dreams…You get the picture.

Knowledge of this kind enables me to “speak” to your audience. I use the kind of language they relate to so your message is easy for them to grasp.

Research also sheds light on the emotions that drive the target audience. And it informs me what emotions to best target, helping me to write copy that resonates.

This is the beginning of a process that enables me to get your message across to your audience effectively. So that their brain processes your core message at once.

An AWAI ‘Verified Copywriter’, my skills are recognized by the foremost training organization in our industry, American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI)

Direct Response training from AWAI taught me how to grab your prospects’ attention…to truly “speak” to them in ways that trigger their response.

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