Why Me

Why Me?


Nourse Copy

Nourse Copy

Before engaging in training programs and conferences with AWAI and affiliates,  I was an instructor. My experience in adult English language instruction spans 3 decades.

Imagine…I spent all that time helping people figure out how to better say what they wanted to say. In other words, to get their message across more effectively when they spoke or wrote in English.

Countless stories and anecdotes were told and heard over that time. Don’t even ask…I’m sworn to secrecy. 

Having spent hundreds of hours uncovering core meaning in the jumble of words that learners would say or write, finding that core meaning now comes automatically.

This is good news for you! Means I can help you find your business message that might be lost in tech speak or other complex ideas.

You can be confident that I can speak to your audience in language they understand.

You see, besides my background in teaching, my ability to know your audience results from the thorough research I conduct of your audience.

Gives me a sense of who they are and what their pain points are. Another reason is this.

Once upon a time in a faraway land, before copywriting was a thing, I studied creative writing. My first instructor, award-winning poet Fred Wah, drilled into students that we should always use words the average reader understands. Everyday conversational English.

That’s how our readers can access the intended meaning at once, Wah said, without having to navigate complex word mazes. This practice became the foundation for all my writing from that point on.

It means that I will always get your message across to your audience quickly and effectively.

An AWAI ‘Verified Copywriter’, my skills are recognized by the foremost training organization in our industry, American Writers & Artists Inc.

Direct Response is at the core of my copywriting skillset. I understand how to grab your prospects’ attention and truly “speak” to them. In ways that will trigger their response.

I’ve recently worked with companies such as Total Product Marketing, a B2B Tech marketing agency. And AlgaeCal, a company that produces and markets a high-end health supplement from sea algae.

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