WHAT I DO: I help B2B companies like you speed up and strengthen their ROI by turning complex ideas into clear, readable copy or content. Copy that makes readers want to stay on the page, see at once how they can benefit, and take action.

HOW I DO IT: A former English language instructor, I’m skilled in shaping complex, abstract ideas into simple but explosive language. So your target readers get excited, keep reading, clicking further into the copy. They know their questions will be answered. Their problems solved. They know they’ve finally found their solution in your product or service.

I write web page content – including landing pages, sales letters, case studies, e-mail copy, and any other type of marketing materials you need.

For a look at some sample copy, please visit my online portfolio here.

Do you need help with your website, but aren’t sure what needs changing? I’ll do a complete analysis of the current content to find out what is working, and what’s not.

Let’s map out the best way to grab your readers and make sure that, when they do┬áleave without taking action, they’ll be back!

To have a chat about the project you have in mind, contact me now.