Nourse Copy

Hi, I’m Lee Nourse, a B2B freelance copywriter.

Here’s a quick question for you…

Does Your Audience Get – I Mean, Really Feel – Your Core Message?

I’d like to transform your message into a concise, crystal clear little package so they get it…quickly!

That’s for starters…

I help B2B tech and software companies write copy or content that breaks down complex ideas into easy to understand language.

Unlike most business writers, I taught English language to adults for 27 years.  One of my biggest takeaways from that career is the ultimate importance of good communication…

…And the knowledge that we can’t assume that the people receiving our message get the message we intended to send. They may get a different message altogether!

What now comes second nature to me is uncovering the intended core meaning of a message that’s bogged down with way too much complexity. 

This means I’m well-suited to do the same for clients.

Finding a copywriter who truly gets YOUR core message isn’t easy. Even harder is finding one who can:

  • Convey that message effectively

  • Reach your best prospects + customers

  • Get the job done on time or earlier

  • Accept your critique and revise their copy accordingly

To see some of my previous work, please click or tap on 

my portfolio.

But you may be ready NOW to just cut to the chase. If you are, and you love the simplicity of phone, text, or Email scroll down to the footer to grab my contact details.