I Help B2B Tech and Software Companies Write Copy That Breaks Down Complex Ideas Into Easy-to-Understand Language

Does your audience get – and deeply feel – your core message? Your core message is the idea you’re trying to convey; the product you’re trying to market.

Too often businesses fail to communicate these key elements because they’re marred with complexity. This often hides the core message. 

I cannot overstate the importance of excellent communication. If you don’t convey precisely what your prospects want to know in your copy, in a way that resonates with them, chances are they won’t stick around to read to the end.

Oh and clicking through to read and drop their email address? Forget about it.

That’s where I can help.

I Help Businesses Communicate Their Message Clearly

Hi, my name is Lee Nourse. I work with B2B tech and software companies, writing copy and content that breaks down complex ideas into simple English that even the layperson understands.

Unlike most business writers, I taught English language (ESL) to adults for 27 years. 

Having spent hundreds of hours uncovering core meaning in the jumble of words that learners would say or write, finding core meaning now comes automatically.

That means I can translate your complex ideas or geek-speak into plain English that your audience will understand. 

I break down, then translate information for a variety of different audiences. It’s second nature to me.

For you, that means I can adjust the voice and tone to suit the type of audience that will read your copy.

Learn more about why I’m qualified to help you here.

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